Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bobbyfree.com (update) and the Wall

Last night, or the night before..I can't really remember.. I updated the website just a little bit. I added a few new pics of my most recent work that I had the time to photograph. Check it out if you haven't already.


Today is Tuesday..yes, Tuesday. It feels like a new beginning.... we just need to get organized, recoup and pick up the pieces.

Most of the visitors are leaving, or have left..or will be gone soon and the place feels like it's getting back to normal. Normal is good. Busy is good too... I'm really excited to get back into a rhythm in the studio. I have some new ideas kicking around and all in all I got a really good response from the people who saw my own work in our studio. I had a lot of wood fired pots out, and I displayed "Man" on the wall, along with one of my first wall sculptures.

I'm happy to say that the sculpture was sold to Birdie Boone, a super sweet, sexy lady living in..where did she say? Arizona or something. She's a potter..and a really good one. When another artist buys my work I always feel a bit more proud of that, then just a stranger or a none-maker. Being a potter myself, I tend to be a bit snobby about the type of work I buy. I feel we probably all do that.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

the Bray's 60th, LIVE

Welcome to the Archie Bray's 60th Anniversary Live Auction!.

The above is an image taken shortly after Jacob and Chris graciously donated $10,000 directly to the Archie Bray. Jacob and Chris, and also the guy to the far right, Ryan LeBar are in charge of the LH project in Joseph Oregon.

A shot of the crowd during the event..from down below.

A shot from up high, as the bidding started with a piece from Josh DeWeese.

Rachel Hicks who works in the office at the Bray. Rachel is totally amazing...and is such a huge part of what happens behind the scenes.

Kelly Rathbone and Kensuke Yamada - both long term residents at the Bray. They're residencies are almost up..and they've been here for 2 years...making work, and growing dramatically. Kelly is sweet, Ken and Kelly...the both.. a lot of fun and very very talented.

Aaron Benson, Mathew McConnell, Sean Erwin (all Bray long-term residents) and Sean's lovely to-be-bride, Sarah.

Josh Rysted and the piece donated by Beth Cavener Stichter
. Josh has been working for the Clay business for some years now. A ceramics artist in his own right, and also a fantastic photographer.

Kensuke and the piece donated by Chuck Hindes.

Sarah getting ready to show the Linda Sikora piece.

Steve Roberts and Mellissa Mencini in front of the silent cup auction.

Drew Nicklas and Dean Adams, a professor in Bozeman, Montana State University.

Jeremy Hatch the newly hired Ceramics Pofresor at Montana State University (where Josh DeWeese teachers) and Aaron Nelson, the director of Medalta.

Robert Harrison and his lovely wife, Christel.

Two of my most favorite people in the world, Josh DeWeese and Rosie Wyncoop.

holy holy hell...

what a weekend..what a week..what a month..what a year. holy f*ck. that's all I have to say!

There was a Dave Shaner piece that went for $20,000 plus..and a Volkous Bronze for over $120,000. As a total with both the live and silent auction, the Archie Bray raised over $500,000 dollars....I heard it was $200,000 over what was expected. It's crazy to think of what is required for a place like the Bray to run, and to be able to support artists as they live here for two years. It's really amazing...so very amazing.

Friday, June 24, 2011

busy time

I'm off to the Live Auction of the Archie Bray's 60th anniversary tonight and I'm taking the camera. But first I'm going to eat out...and have a nice evening before hand. I paroozed through most of the silent and live auctions.....and such big hitters as a giant stack by Voulkos (estimated near $140,000), Dave Shaner, Victor Babu, Chris Staley, locals like Sarah Jaeger..on and on. I'll have pics and post soon so...

Stay tuned!

either late tonight or tomorrow morning:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

plaster trough

it worked!

i have a years amount of trimmings and scraps to start recycling..

who likes free clay??... this guy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

extra post cards?

Ever have an event coming up..and have.. a hand full of post cards you have no idea what to do with?? Here's a solution...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is a show that Crista and I collaborated to make called "Relic". It's a show based on storytelling and one of our favorite murder ballads. Our Relic is the jug in the center. It's sort of straightforward..not a whole lot of mystery behind it, just a story..but a cool story, with some great surfaces with some cool relief sculpture and drawings through the black slip. We fired these last week, loading Tuesday, firing for 31 hours then unloading Friday morning while the pots were still hot and then to the studio to clean them up a bit and right to the Myrna Loy Center to be hung. What a wild ride..and we're so glad it's up and finished. Much thanks to our awesome caretaker, Scott for saving our butts during the wettest firing I've ever been involved in- it might have stopped raining twice for a few minutes. Scott ran off and filled his truck full of dry wood..which totally saved us at the end. If you get a chance to go see it..it looks so much better in person. Not to mention, the Myrna, being the first jailhouse in Helena is a great old building.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I make pots

I make pots.

I make pots because I know I wont get a lot of money for them, at least not until I’m really old, or dead..(but for that to happen I have to be really good). I make pots because I’m not afraid of working extremely hard. I’ve accepted the fact that unless I marry into wealth, win the lottery or get a job teaching at a college (pyramid scheme), I will be living a meager life making it extremely difficult to purchase large items such as a house, a new car, or even the expertise of a doctor or dentist. I make pots because I’m in love with pots themselves, from all places of the world and from history. I make pots because of other potters. Potters are pretty unique characters in this world. We love to eat, we love to drink and we love to laugh. As potters we share the same language. Clay has no boundaries. Clay is a way of living. Clay can open many doors and take you to many places. I make pots because each pot is a question and an answer. I make pots because it is both scientific and expressive. Science as a base of fact allows for infinite possibilities of expression. I make pots because I have to. I make pots because of you. I make pots because they hold the truth. I make pots. I make pots…lots of pots.

(this is my new artist statement)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

BAAC (it's a party)

The dates are quickly approaching..and if you're in the area for the Bray's 60th it will be well worth a trip down to the big old Nabisco factory on Boulder..which is where we have set up shop. In our space I'll be showing my wood fired work, Crista will be showing her sculptures, Marco will be showing his drawings and screen prints and of course we'll have a batch of pots from Free Ceramics. All for sale of course (wink wink). Then our pre-opening reception will be awesome. We've got a live band lined up..along with a selection of the best brews from the local microjoint, the Blackfoot. Upstairs from our level, Carla Potter has set up a great show with the Redlodge Clay Center..which is going to be killer with some super sweet artists. In the hallway Marco has curated his own show..and is working his butt off to get it all set up and ready. We'll be open for the entire week- wow.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Still

Saturday Still: a still life..with what, pottery?! something made of clay? no way!! yes dude. YES!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Phil Rogers. Modernpots.com

Hey y'all... Do a lot of you do this in the morning? Make some coffee.. a couple pieces of toast and sit down in front of your computer? I really enjoy doing this... one of my favorite rituals. Anyways, being a part of this online blogger thing has sent me on some really fun branches of the pottery/ceramic/art online tree here..and I think I found the following through Fetish Ghost's site.. On my way I found myself browsing a gallery from England, called Modernpots.com. Within this almost perfect website I've come across the best online exhibition I've ever seen. It's of one of my favorite potters of all time, Phil Rogers. Within the show they not only have superb images of the pots, but a video of Phil talking about each individual piece. It's amazing..and if I could only afford one I'd love to purchase one..but oh well. It's nice to hear him talk of each piece though..it's very insightful into how and why he makes these pots..and it just gives the show an overall personal feel.

What a great way to market their gallery... Hhhmmmm...

Saturday, June 4, 2011


post 100.


Hey look what I submitted to Strictly Functional this year. Lets hope I finally get in.

Hey look what we (Free Ceramics) submitted to Strictly Functional this year. Lets hope we finally get in.

post 100.