Sunday, June 12, 2011

BAAC (it's a party)

The dates are quickly approaching..and if you're in the area for the Bray's 60th it will be well worth a trip down to the big old Nabisco factory on Boulder..which is where we have set up shop. In our space I'll be showing my wood fired work, Crista will be showing her sculptures, Marco will be showing his drawings and screen prints and of course we'll have a batch of pots from Free Ceramics. All for sale of course (wink wink). Then our pre-opening reception will be awesome. We've got a live band lined up..along with a selection of the best brews from the local microjoint, the Blackfoot. Upstairs from our level, Carla Potter has set up a great show with the Redlodge Clay Center..which is going to be killer with some super sweet artists. In the hallway Marco has curated his own show..and is working his butt off to get it all set up and ready. We'll be open for the entire week- wow.

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