Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Connected at the top.

I have an idea!  I want to make it with clay.  I have some skills I can use to get my idea across...  Want to know about it?  It's an idea that's been rolling around in my head for a number of years- which I like, right?  I thoroughly am enjoying ideas that have been taking years to incubate in my brain...and as I feel the need to explore these concepts or dig deeper into the best way to express them...I've become aware that ideas can cure for years and years, just like food (i love kimchi).  Perhaps it's become ripe enough to eat or to pick?  Certain things have taken shape that are pushing me to re-consider and re-evaluate these thoughts from the past.  I'm glad for it.

Back in school I was making prints and pots that had faces on them.  In many ways, these faces were a reflection of my own self.

 The above image, "Drink to my Salvation", had to do with my own and my friends/families drinking habits...

"Man" dealt with the fact that I was there, in a way, but was missing areas, yet even missing these pieces... I was still being acknowledged.

Wood block prints such as "Dos Hombres" and "Conspiracy" had to do with how I have/can/could/did....communicate with my fellow humans.

Now I want to reconsider, through a vessel form, how we as humans are communicating..engaging with... and manipulating one another.  I've been attracted to the profile of a human head for so long..and I'm going with it.  I'm going to dig this idea back out... I'm just not done with it.

Tonight I went out to a City Party that Sonoma put on.  There were so many people out, just hanging around eating food and drinking wine or beer.  Streets were closed...  it was like a giant block party. There was a live band.  It was amazing to see.... 

I hardly knew anybody, except this amazing guy, Marty, who got me free beer..or another girl, Myra who works here at the Community Center..and two others that I'm just starting to get to know...  Yet among so many people I was there alone...and had the opportunity to engage in what I like to call, "Artist-Land".  Artist Land is a wonderful place where I go..when I'm looking and thinking..and really just out there in a kind of day-dream state.  Perhaps you've experienced this..and lots of people you know too.  You might see them quietly staring off into nothing.  For myself.. I become removed from me surroundings and see things through thoughts.... and don't feel as if I'm there.. I'm more of an observer..because everybody always ignores me.  I mean, who wouldn't?  There's that weird guy just staring off into nothing.. but why did he just take a picture of me?  haha...

 I imagine (this is going to seem weird) when I see a group of people all talking to each other... I imagine actual tubes of thought connecting each of them from their foreheads, their eyes and mouths...  and even their bodies.  The tube is a passageway for emotion, language, past experience, present understanding and future expectations.  I see their bodies as vessels holding something amazing, be it good or bad..  and now they're connected.   they are something more then themselves.... one person has become many.

Ever see a Peruvian pot, or anything from Mexico/South America with a stirrup handle?  Yah.. I feel as if this is where I"m headed.  I'm thinking that between the multiple vessels..the stirrup handle can connect in the center and become one idea or thought.  you know what I mean?  I'm excited about this idea..and am thinking this will be the major idea behind my solo show happening in December.

We are physical vessels.... we are holding something, giving out that something to each other...  we have an unseen way of connecting to another person (the stirrup) and coming together in one area at the top.

  It sounds right.  It makes sense to me.

 That's Marty.  He works at the Center..all around good dude.

We'll see what happens...