Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Missoula, Mt

 I've finally landed back in Montana after a super crazy, surreal, half a year experience in California. So much has happened since the day I took off for Sonoma.  And now I'm back.  Back to my old life...well sort of like my old life.  big changes...but lots of old friends are here.  There's snow.  It's cold.  I'm broke!  I was so spoiled in Sonoma.  Wow... but I'm glad to be back and making work again.  I bought a load of dry materials to mix up.... three variations of Shaner's Helmer body..and already have a good amount of pots rolling for the wood kilns.  The Clay Studio of Missoula is great so far and I'm looking forward to introducing you to it's residents and community.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

AMOCA- Pomona, CA. and Heidi Kreitchet

After Sonoma I thought to myself... What the hell am I going to do with all these pots I made??  How am I getting these awesome pots back to Montana?  I don't have a car anymore.  Should I ship it? Oh man.. I hope something happens.  Something always happens.

I'm in Los Angeles.  It's awesome here.  I brought down everything left over from my show.  I didn't really know what I'd do with it..  


Last week I realized I have a friend not too far away working in Pomona at the American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA).  Said friend is Heidi Kreitchet.  I know, right!!!  Heidi was at Utah State working on her Masters while I was getting my Bachelors.  

This is the link to her website: http://www.hkwoodfire.com/ and the following image is one of her pieces.

Back in school we got along great and I haven't seen her since 2010.  I emailed her and she said to come out...she is running a giant community studio attached to the Museum and said I could make some work.  Then she asked if I had any finished pots with me.  Do I ever!

Here's a few of the pots I made while I was there...  when I was making them I realized I kept thinking of some pots by Bob Turner and Karen Karnes.  I like this kind of form....  I wont see these until May of this year when Heidi comes out to Missoula for a visit and firing.  When I get to Missoula I hope to do a series of these for the wood kiln and the soda kiln.  

When I got the tour from Heidi she showed me this huge pile of clay and said.. Here you go!  Go nuts!  That's your cart over there..the one that has a sign on it saying.. "Bobby Free Visiting Artist and Master Potter".  She laughed a lot about that one.  I was a little embarrassed about it.  I met a lot of nice folks around the studio.  I've been invited back whenever I can make it to give a slide talk and make more work.  I'll definitely make that happen this coming year.

Heidi loved my finished pots and said I could sell it in the community studio gallery. Yes!  Then the gallery director of the museum's store saw my work and said.. "I must have it in the store!  I want 15 of the best pieces.. I'll run out and get you a contract".  YES! I think the technical term for this is a "double whammy".

So.. I hand delivered about 50 pots, large and small.  I hope they all eventually find a good home.  

Isn't she funny?  She tried to instal my plates without the template... Nice try, Heidi.  Haha...