Tuesday, June 21, 2011

plaster trough

it worked!

i have a years amount of trimmings and scraps to start recycling..

who likes free clay??... this guy.


  1. Nice mold making skills. That would make a sweet concrete sink.

  2. thanks u guys. I should have said that Matt, super man, was a huge help behind this. i drew the plans and then he and i both went to it in the woodshop for a few hours. Matt worked out the angles, we both did some cutting and then helped each other when we screwed it together. then there were lots of coats of sealer. i learned a lot from Matt while making this thing.. thanks Matt!

  3. wow looks like those at DVC! I deno if you remember me bobby, but we took a few semester there together -Jake R. i teach ceramics at washington high in Fremont now. i typed how to make plaster trough and this came up!