Thursday, June 9, 2011

Phil Rogers.

Hey y'all... Do a lot of you do this in the morning? Make some coffee.. a couple pieces of toast and sit down in front of your computer? I really enjoy doing this... one of my favorite rituals. Anyways, being a part of this online blogger thing has sent me on some really fun branches of the pottery/ceramic/art online tree here..and I think I found the following through Fetish Ghost's site.. On my way I found myself browsing a gallery from England, called Within this almost perfect website I've come across the best online exhibition I've ever seen. It's of one of my favorite potters of all time, Phil Rogers. Within the show they not only have superb images of the pots, but a video of Phil talking about each individual piece. It's amazing..and if I could only afford one I'd love to purchase one..but oh well. It's nice to hear him talk of each piece's very insightful into how and why he makes these pots..and it just gives the show an overall personal feel.

What a great way to market their gallery... Hhhmmmm...

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