Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Earth and Fire", a short film by John T. Murphy

Hi folks.  As some of you know, about a month ago we fired the little UnionVille Cat with a visiting artist from Denmark, Priscilla Mouritzen, esteemed blogger at and all around wonderful potter. The firing was the end result of Priscilla's month long residency at the Archie Bray Foundation.  While we were at the kiln a neighbor of Scott's, John T. Murphy, walked around with a video camera, filming us and doing a few interviews.  John edited footage, all the way back from the beginning of the kiln building project with this last firing into a 10 minute video of what I think is probably the best, short, wood-firing video I've seen in a long time, but then again.. I partial to my own friends and family. The images shown here are taken from parts of the film.

Because I'm not a Vimeo plus user,  you'll just have to go to their website to watch it by clicking the following link:

CLICK HERE!!!!  --------->

The firing in itself was totally fun and the results were beautiful.  We had a lot of folks come up for food and good company.  It had turned into quite the international spot with folks from France, Thailand and Denmark, and of course from a few places in Montana.

I think it will most likely be the last firing we have until the Fall, or Winter, and even before then there's some tender loving care that the kiln needs.

Talk with you soon,