Sunday, June 26, 2011

the Bray's 60th, LIVE

Welcome to the Archie Bray's 60th Anniversary Live Auction!.

The above is an image taken shortly after Jacob and Chris graciously donated $10,000 directly to the Archie Bray. Jacob and Chris, and also the guy to the far right, Ryan LeBar are in charge of the LH project in Joseph Oregon.

A shot of the crowd during the event..from down below.

A shot from up high, as the bidding started with a piece from Josh DeWeese.

Rachel Hicks who works in the office at the Bray. Rachel is totally amazing...and is such a huge part of what happens behind the scenes.

Kelly Rathbone and Kensuke Yamada - both long term residents at the Bray. They're residencies are almost up..and they've been here for 2 years...making work, and growing dramatically. Kelly is sweet, Ken and Kelly...the both.. a lot of fun and very very talented.

Aaron Benson, Mathew McConnell, Sean Erwin (all Bray long-term residents) and Sean's lovely to-be-bride, Sarah.

Josh Rysted and the piece donated by Beth Cavener Stichter
. Josh has been working for the Clay business for some years now. A ceramics artist in his own right, and also a fantastic photographer.

Kensuke and the piece donated by Chuck Hindes.

Sarah getting ready to show the Linda Sikora piece.

Steve Roberts and Mellissa Mencini in front of the silent cup auction.

Drew Nicklas and Dean Adams, a professor in Bozeman, Montana State University.

Jeremy Hatch the newly hired Ceramics Pofresor at Montana State University (where Josh DeWeese teachers) and Aaron Nelson, the director of Medalta.

Robert Harrison and his lovely wife, Christel.

Two of my most favorite people in the world, Josh DeWeese and Rosie Wyncoop.

holy holy hell...

what a weekend..what a week..what a month..what a year. holy f*ck. that's all I have to say!

There was a Dave Shaner piece that went for $20,000 plus..and a Volkous Bronze for over $120,000. As a total with both the live and silent auction, the Archie Bray raised over $500,000 dollars....I heard it was $200,000 over what was expected. It's crazy to think of what is required for a place like the Bray to run, and to be able to support artists as they live here for two years. It's really very amazing.

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