Saturday, November 3, 2012

oh this one is deep

tonight I was thinking...

i was contemplating this blog and writing.  now and then i consider the following.. ..what it is i'm doing here?...who is reading this?....why Are they reading this?....what should or shouldn't I say?... what do i want to say?...  I've mostly kept my blog, which is over a couple years old now.... very Clay based.  I don't go too much into my personal life.  i don't complain about my problems or about every day shit that we all go through...  i have a facebook (bobby kenneth freedom) account too, and even there..i try to keep it more about clay.

here you see... pots and how a guy, who loves it...  living on a small part of our planet goes about making and thinking about pots.

I dream of clay.  I dream of firing mystical kilns with crazy people and crazy loads..  i dream of the most magical glazes and wildest firing styles.  I've had dreams where mass expanses of space and time are filled with kilns waiting for me to fire or mountains of clay waiting to be used..all I have to do is reach out and grab it.   I see the kilns, the clay, the fire, the finished pots.....and rush towards them without thought of consequence.

i've seen ancient kiln stacks, mystically smashed by the throwing of bricks while my clay heroes stand by and encourage the destruction... explain to me through encrypted language how a kiln needs a certain thing, which only a potter can know... secrets that will turn the entire kiln load into gold...   they extend their surreal knowledge to my unconscious mind.  And then in contrary of my nocturnal existence.. I have "normal" days...when I interact with people who look to me for answers about clay..or rely on me to fire their work.  During my waking hours I make those things I dream of..and make the things I think about.  The day is for making.

Here I am... crazy.. .. making pots.  And there you are, reading this.  Wow.  You know... if you've come this far.. I'm excited to have you here, because it's only going to get better.

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  1. Keep on dreaming. It makes life more interesting.