Sunday, November 4, 2012

Small Business Grant Contest

My sister found something that has the potential to win her business up to $25,000 bucks.  If they get enough votes by the end of the could happen.  You need to vote through your facebook account.  And the cool thing is is that you can vote once a day.  So help Free Ceramics out!  Can you imagine what they could do with a $25,000 studio and apprentice program???  Wow.  Be logged into Facebook and click the link below to vote.  Please share this as much as you can!
Free Ceramics is a family run pottery in Helena, Montana where a team of ceramic artists work together to create whimsical pottery that will always bring a smile to your face. Handmade, functional, porcelain pottery is made with care, decorated individually, and painted by hand to give each piece a personality of it’s own. Our mission is to inspire through creativity. We strive to accomplish that through our functional porcelain pottery, ceramic art and by offering Clay Club classes to kids.
Free Ceramics should win a small business grant from Fed Ex because we are investing in people’s dreams, in a community, and in a way of life that people want to see thrive. We are making-actually MAKING-a product in the middle of Montana, USA. We are creating pottery that is something more than just mass produced. Free Ceramics pottery can help create that happy moment in a busy life. If we get the votes and win this grant, Free Ceramics can continue to grow and create functional pottery!
The $25,000 would be used to purchase health insurance we cannot afford. It would buy us a desperately needed spray booth to help increase efficiency and safety with our glazing. It would give us the resources to purchase wheels for our summer clay club classes (instead of borrowing from all the generous potters in the community). It would allow us to pay our first paid intern a living wage and give us the resources to offer another paid internship to a young artist just out of college.

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