Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LA and a Firing

I just got back from a pretty awesome weekend down in LA.  Highlight of all the art I saw?  I saw a good amount... and the one that takes the best prize... the Ken Price retrospective at the LACMA.  Wow.  Wow.

Before I left though, I fired off the salt kiln on Thursday night...and flew away Friday.  I just got back this morning and unloaded the kiln on my way home.  The Bay Area is pretty big.. I had to leave my car near a train station and take the public trans all the way to the airport.  It's good to get out..see new things... Traveling is so fun..and can become a serious addiction which one would never want a cure.

Long story short..  The kiln was super good.  Three times a charm, as the saying goes.  I almost made out like a bandit..as that other saying goes.  Mostly good this time, only a few bad ones.  Is that a saying too?  Huh..those are some strange sentences.  Lots of sayings.  Anyways..that's my car with pots.  There are pots in that box..and more pots hidden and balanced everywhere else.  As I drove the dishes to their firing.. I met a particularly angry man on one of the freeway interchanges who thought I was taking the corner too slow....  We had fun shortly after flipping eachother the bird and laughing hysterically.  I did laugh while it happened...and it looked like he was laughing too.  so strange..  people huh?  Not one pot was harmed during the making of that trip.

 Ohhhhh how I love moving pots this way. All you potters with kilns at your studio better thank your lucky stars, sweat and tears to have it so close.  It really is a life changer...


  1. I hope you didn't have too many speed bumps along the way. When I travel like that, the entire trip is rife with sharp corners, speed bumps and train tracks.

  2. Geeeeez it just took me five (5!), yes five, tries to get past the "Are you a robot?" test of typing characters I shown in a picture and a weird font!

  3. sometimes when i've wanted to comment on other pages..it takes so many tries that i give up. how sad huh? just imagine all the people out there trying to comment.... squinting, typing, double checking, deep sigh!, backspacing and retyping, squinting again.. oh the insanity!