Friday, November 23, 2012

i saw something sweet

a few weeks back...there was an event here at the Center to fund the production of an independent film about bread.   please click the following link to check it out.  my buddy, Seth, who works here at the Center...put this event on and it was truly amazing.  There were lots of people, lots of art, amazing food...   but what's more important is that Seth is involved in spreading the word, epsecially locally here in Sonoma.  What's the word you might ask?  It's about locally grown food, it's about local artisan baked breads, it's about community involvement.  It sure was a great night..and there was some good money raised to support this good cause.  I mentioned it on my Facebook that I've never been in a place that is so concerned about local food..and what it means... is a book in itself....but to be around and involved in what I think is a true movement, even though it's's been happening..  it's going on.  People are responding...people are changing!

On top of that... I was very impressed with this mobile oven that cooked some of the best bread I've had in a long time.  So here's my pottery shtick.. this bread oven is bad ass huh???  check it out!!! the guy that made it was as killer as the oven.  He used sand as the mold and just went for it.  Innovation huh? lots of guts!!!  You can do it too!!!!

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