Monday, November 26, 2012

Napa, CA wood-fired. Last salt fire..

I was late for the unloading this morning....  Who unloads a wood kiln at 8 am, anyways?  People that have real jobs, that's who!  But I did show up in time to snap a few shots of a few sweeties from the Napa crew's wood kiln.  The following dimensions of the pieces are approximate.  This was a 7 day firing in an Anagama with dimensions of 13' long, 52" to the top of the arch and 52" at the widest.  The firebox is usually measures about 28"x 42" over a grate.   Mostly fired with Oak.

Owen Nelson.  underside of a bowl.  4" tall.

Tri Tran.  17" tall.

Owen Nelson.  Plate.  12"x12"

Owen Nelson.  Big ole Jar!  40" tall.

Sarah Brown.  Bowl.  10" wide.

These guys are good, huh??!!

Bobby Free and a bright-ass green vase by Karl McDade.

This is my last salt firing.... unloaded today!!!! I got some good ones in this guy.... 

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