Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hi.  I'm making more things..for the last salt firing that's happening for me here in Sonoma.  I decided to cancel the super last one.. and just focus on......finishing up......  I'm so tired!.....  and  getting the show together.... and wouldn't you know it?... I'm going to do a cone 10 electric firing.  i figure it will add some needed variety to the pots I'll be displaying in just a few weeks.  

remember how my magic honda was hit?  this is the temporary replacement.  it's a Datsun.. Z 280 or something.....something wild.  It has a straight 6 cylinder..with too much power..  and before I knew it I was cruising towards East Bay 90 mph.  Thanks to Sarah's mom for loaning me this sweet ride while I'm here in Sonoma.  I love it..and it's such a life saver... ain't it just fantastic to know the right people?

Today I went to East Bay Clay to buy my last batch of Boxcar porcelain (porcelaneous stoneware) from Mike...  he really is an amazing guy with a fantastic story behind the scenes.  Thanks for the beautiful clay, Mike.

And one more awesome thing.. I got a pot today.  It's a sweet little Rat Meyers cup..which holds the wine so well.  And?... it sits nicely on top of this R. Cumb Art book...nestled near Napa wine, Soju, and Makguli.  I love the Koreans.  MMMmmmmmm...  and I love clay.  Oh and I love you.  Thanks for reading.  

isn't that fun? haha....

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