Wednesday, July 13, 2011

tadding Tony Clennell

A good ole friend of mine got me watching a series of short videos on Youtube called TADS, which is short for.. "touch another dude softly". The videos are for sure hilarious..and a little disturbing. Or maybe you just have to enjoy uncomfortable humor? I don't know.. but anyways, Ernie Gentry, said good ole friend, and I decided it would be funny to play this on Tony. Well, Ernie... you were right. This indeed, must be the happiest day of Tony Clennell's life.. in Logan.

Tony, thanks for being there... so I could touch you softly.

I hope everybody enjoys a quick view into..just how retarded, or should I say awesome?.. we were during school.


  1. It must have been a Tuesday... Oh man, I just laughed so hard!

  2. i know.. his little canadian bum is so cute!

  3. Bobby You do have great taste in arse. Hugs, Tony