Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it's a Business out there

I think I've been at this stage of business thought for a long long time...

Another day another dollar.

Yet again I'm reminded of the business that I"m involved in. Free Ceramics had their first business meeting in like.. 2 and a half weeks this morning. Ever since the Ceramics Monthly article and the event at the Bray.. we've been swamped with emails and orders for more pots. The galleries we sell at can't keep enough work on the shelves. The next round of kids classes are starting in about a week. Busy is good, right? Yahh.. busy is good. If I can just keep myself focused.. be aware that I live in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and to not be content to watch the summer months fly by without being outside.. if I can do that, I'll be ok.

Before I graduated from Logan, I knew I was going to be involved in this... and I had no idea how quickly it would grow. Nobody really talks about the business side of pots while you're an undergrad. At least the professors I've had didn't talk very much about it. But I suppose that's why I wasn't a business major... but at least a little would have helped. I don't know what I"m trying to say. I guess you just never really know about anything until you try it. Theory and practice. You can theorize all you want to until you're blue in the face..but never will you understand it until you give it a go.

There's a whole lot to it.. and it's pretty difficult with three people working together.

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  1. I dunno I think Ken and Barbie have it figured out!! a publicity machine...word of mouth and willing customers :))