Saturday, July 2, 2011

Horsing Around (the new space)

(Crista and your's truly)

During the Archie Bray's 60th, Marco Rosichelli and his buddy, Josh Almond, curated the following show..which I think was totally awesome. How about that huh? A mixed media show right here in Helena, Montana! There was even a piece made of human hair! Not so small town, huh??? The piece wasn't cool just because it was made from human hair, but because, well, it was a damn fine piece. Not to mention a lot of the other ones were pretty awesome too. My favorite was the big print of the Unicorns and also the images with the pixilated horse mouths.

This is one of Marco's screen prints. He's really good. That print wasn't in the show, but was for sale in our space. I thought you should see at least one of them. Thanks for everything you did, Marco! The show really looked incredible. Josh and Jeremy, hats off to the both of you. Fine work.

Anyhoo..onto the Show!

Right next to the studio where I work.. there is this super long hallway. One month ago, it was a sh*thole with a whole lot of stuff piled everywhere..oh how I wish I had a before shot. Marco, our good new friend who's been working in the same building with us, and also partnered with Jana Evens (long term res at the Bray)..along with help from a few recruits he brought in from Arizona, (Jeremy and Josh..woot woot!) not to mention Matt, Mark, myself and lots of other people..totally flipped this space into a new and improved area..specifically for this show and others to follow. (I have some great ideas brewing for this space.. not only as a permanent gallery space for Free Ceramics but also for curated shows, such as "Horsing Around"...) I'm thinking...a ceramic and print show. I think that would be soooo great.

Here's a few shots of the show:

(the piece made of human hair)

The following is a video of the Digital Piece that seemed to fit perfectly in the back area of the hallway.

So this was one of the three things going on in our building at our "pre-opening" opening, last Tuesday. Wow..seems like forever ago now. Or was it two weeks ago already? Holy hell..I only started working in the studio again just two days ago..

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