Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The way it is.

Clay is a material that is so fundamentally basic that a kid can understand it. Yet so incredibly complex that we can spend our entire lives studying it and still never come to any conclusions. It is mystery and wonder. It is technical and magical. We are exploring the boundaries of imagination, will power.. and at the same time it is the glue between us and everything else. It is our center.

If you fire with wood.. there is always the possibility of extreme failure due to Clay, Fire or the error of our own hands. It can pick you up and slam you down... and if that happens, you better be ready to pick yourself up, other wise you're lost to it. I saw the dark side of what clay can do in a firing. Months of work lost can take a persons mind to a place that should hardly be visited. Yet extreme failure can give the chance of going further then you were before. It becomes a challenge and a person can either let themselves stay down.... or they can grab it and say, "No.. I know you. I know this."

We accept the challenge every day we work... and continue. That's the way it is.

Next firing in one week.

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