Thursday, March 10, 2011

see it move

when there's a lot of weight involved in a thin walled piece of wet porcelain... a kind of movement happens. it's so delicate. the way this clay holds itself up during the entire time i handle it, before the bisque, is so enticing. I want subtle movements along with a flowing line.

Since the last round of pots.. I've been thinking of how i can push the clay almost to the limit of collapse. that point i think is soooo beautiful.

Can you imagine a fluid thing, like water, or even a person, like a dancer?...going up, seeing the moments leading to the point of coming back down...when you see it grow and then move past those points of stability and solidity, then change..literally change in a split second and become something (beaverslide) so completely different. capturing a specific point of progression in the life of a piece of clay.

it's so different from what i do with Free Ceramics..which is really good for me to have something of my own, something separate, something mine.

with this work I want to see the clay move.... as if wind flowed around it during it's most responsive and fragile state of being.

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