Monday, February 28, 2011

Missoula Unloaded

Here's some pics of the unloading that happened yesterday.

Lots of browns, as were expected.. but there's a type of firing that Danny really likes, which I saw started while we were back in Utah. At the end of the firing, after holding our top temp for about 3 or 4 days..there's a big final stoke. I wasn't there for it, so this is what I heard what happened. The final stoke was a continuous stoking of wood for close to a half an hour, to completely stuff up the fire box and side stokes.

Then from that, after the kiln is billowing smoke, it cools naturally until 2000. From 2000 it was a cooling period until dull reddish heat by stoking small pieces of wood into the fire box along with the addition of water. The "reduction" cooling is interesting, and I quote it because a lot of people have different definitions.

This rope impressed pot of mine is possibly my favorite so far. This bowl is the bowl. I might have to send it off to the permanent collection.

Here's a soldier that took the brunt of the firebox most of the firing..yet he was far enough away to easily come out of the kiln.

And here's good one too, which was towards the middle of the kiln half way into the side stoke. See my plaster pop-out? Silly right? I'm super satisfied with how this work came out... Now I just need to work on my forms.

I think that the result Danny is looking for is a unique surface, matted ash and deeper colors of reds and a type of surface that is reminiscent of the moon. Some people call it a sugary surface, especially if a shino is used. All in all it was a total success and I came out with some gems for sure. Once the pots are cleaned I'm going to photograph them..and finally update my portfolio.


  1. What are the pieces that look like clusters of square metal tubing?

  2. those are some sculptures of danny's. objects all about construction.. some of them he called nests.