Tuesday, November 16, 2010

it's all Good

Made it up to the kiln the last couple of days and did some serious brick cleaning while Andrew and Scott managed to keep the construction going. We were feeling pressured to get more done because of the impending word of snow..and snow it did. We gotta be up to 5 inches down here in the Valley by now..and I can only imagine how much has dumped at the kiln site. Once again I feel proud to be involved with this thing..and what I really get into is the fact that almost all of the materials are recycled from two old kilns from the Archie Bray. In fact..these bricks are from the last kilns that ole David Shanner, rest his soul, made himself back in the late 70s while he was the resident director at the Bray. That's some good mojo for sure!! Another side note too is that Scott's awesome father offered his services to fix my wood splitter.. the thing just wouldn't run without being fully choked. My brain isn't quite all about metal.. but I heard that Scott's dad used to be a highschool shop teacher, old school style..and boy what a great old guy. This is a vase I made back in school with some flowers we got at the local store here. We're going to take up to him today as a thank you. I'm guessing he's not into searching the internet so I wont ruin the surprise by sharing it here. It's insane just how alive this vase became when it had some flowers in it. I thought I'd move past this sort of thing..but shit, doesn't it look awesome?? haha.. I have to make some more now.

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