Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fifty Gravy Boats

You may not be fully aware of the doings and happenings of some ceramic folks out there... but you probably know that there are some interesting and silly guys that are pushing the boundaries of this field.

Right now there is a project in works, Fifty Gravy Boats, in a place called Pleasant Hill, California. The brain behind this.. should I call it a "takeover"? Quite possibly... The Brains behind this takeover is none other then a man, the man, Karl McDade. Mcdade, Mcdude, or MacDaddy, which are only a few of his aliases, had a vision. His vision was of the eternal, epic, and almost biblical struggle between the Teapot and the Gravy Boat. For centuries these two forms, seemingly from opposite sides of the world have battled to be the top dog. For many years the Teapot has been winning...yet, as with all things, the pendulum has begun to swing back into the underdog-Boat's favor. The tides seem to be turning...and as you can tell from this show, the first ripple effects are showing themselves. Soon, like the first movements of an avalanche, this ripple of 50 Gravy Boats will soon turn into a force that no other form that we know of can withstand. The time of the Gravy Boat is nigh!

There is no denying the Gravy Boat has returned...and you will have no choice but to finally see it for what it is- the most complex... the most challenging...and the most delicious form we potters know of.

Brace yourself.

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