Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Work

This summer has been interesting and totally busy... It's been difficult to get back into the swing of making my own work again. It's been a good long break since May and it's time to turn on my own creative juices again. But you know?.... when you work all day making somebody else's pots, when you get home...it's hard to not crack open a beer and watch a movie- even making dinner seems to be a challenge.

But to say the least I've pushed through those vegetative impulses and have been making some new work. These are being made for the salt kiln. The process not being any different then my last round but this time I've taken out the "faces". I just can't seem to keep making the faces for no reason (other then they look cool - lame) and figured I should concentrate more on form and how the sgraffito works with the over-all pot.

So where this line of work came from... I had a few episodes of ink paintings about a month back and some thoughts about infinity, space, and depth... and remembered how Escher was fascinated with the plane and sometimes just to see how deep marks could go... anyhoo, this is what I came up with: a process of marks, first being large and broad then from those marks continue to add others..and to just go as small as I could, while sections morphed into their own "things" or shapes... close to free association I thought.

These are the new pots... when I saw it, after i had already started it..i thought..holy hell... i can do like what i did with the ink...


  1. That bowl is really cool. The idea transfers from 2d to 3d well.

    Something I have lately had trouble with in my own work is getting waaay too involved in the surface and bein in my own groove and really bein happy with what I'm doin, then realizing that - what the hell - I just spent three hours working on this one "functional" form and it isn't fired yet ! Look over at Joe Bennions blog - I figured he glazed 2 chambers of pots in half the time it took me to do about 1 quarter of the work. Argh, Tony is right that there is more money on the wall than the kitchen table, so, I need to have 2 bodies of work - when I can barely manage 1.
    I hope your ink drawing will find a wall, it should be seen.

  2. Outstanding work! I am too OCD to do anything that detailed though... I would never think it was finished!