Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Think you're hot shit? Think again.

Working as a production potter during the week hours... I think back to my trip to Jingdezhen I took just over three years ago. If you've ever seen production, I think Jingdezhen is the mother of production... it's unbelievable.

Yesterday I felt good about being able to sit and throw down 51 bowls. I thought..Holy shit I just accomplished in about 6 hours what it took me 2 weeks to finish in my first intermediate throwing class (oh i must have a degree!). Now and then, like yesterday, I feel real proud of myself and think I'm hot shit... then something grounds me, like this guy:

I couldn't find a picture of the thrower, but this guy trims, and the thrower throws...easily into the multiple of hundreds of bowls a day.

When I think of these guys..I realize... I still have a long way to go... not that the numbers are what's important, but the ease and natural movements that comes with throwing so much..and then the mindlessness behind it too. The quieting of the mind. That lovely time when the voices calm and take a break.

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