Thursday, March 11, 2010

the Juried Show

The juried show. It's like relating to a double edged sword without a hilt...

I've been making for a good amount of time and applied for my first show while in Community College (DVC) in California... 2002. It's now 2010...after I don't know how many rejections (Ink and Clay 2010 actually sent me TWO rejection letters) and a good amount of money which I can only see as "donations" I finally get accepted.

I'm excited about it. It's new though.... and learning can be difficult. One thing I'd like to talk about...

The packing of the pots for shipment.

This pot is one of three pieces going to a show in NY. They're sort of bottle forms with long necks... and yesterday I asked my professor, Dan Murphy, "hey Dan...I have to send these away.. How do I pack them?" He gave me this goofy grin and said, "well bobby that's really a no-brainer". Yah I thought.. to you, who's CV is as long as my leg... But he then took the time to explain to me how he would do it and also stressed that I should be considerate of those people who'll be unpacking the work and setting up the show. Good advice all around.

From about 5 pm until 1 am last night was spent wrapping these damn things up. I don't have any pics of it... I'll get used to this blog thing soon, I promise... I had an old couch cushion I salvaged from the dumpster and cut parts of that to wrap around the necks, then bubbled the outside and finished it off with cardboard. and what a mess! I couldn't find a sharp utility knife anywhere and ended up using my girlfriends knife from when she was hanging sheet rock like 3 or 4 years ago.

How many goddam tools does a potter need????? that's a rhetorical question!

So the pots are still in a box, that needs another box so I can cushion the big box with 2 inches of foam or peanuts. I have to go find a box that's like 28 x 18 inches... the extra work is alright though.. I'm proud to be apart of these shows.

I'd like to publicly thank the organizations that have accepted my work this year.

Feats of Clay, Lincoln, CA.

College Clay, Rochester, NY

10th annual Cup show, Kent, OH


  1. Freedom Fighter_ Good on ya bud, you're still worth the read. For what it's worth every line on my CV cost me $150. That package you're about to send I'm guessing $150. Beer and bump from my house to yours. Tc

  2. just called by-
    left a stone to say ' Hi'
    you're doing well