Monday, March 8, 2010

The Studio(s)

I think that most people that work with clay... call the area where they work, "the studio" Where's Bobby? Oh he's in the studio. Where are you? I'm at the studio. I'm going to the studio... I'll be at the studio studio studio- but...

Yoda put it best, "There is another"

Yes- I admit it. I'm a double dipper... I frequent two studios. The majority of my time is spent where it's dirty and dusty with heavy things to lift and too much work to do... but I save some time, twice a week or more, and spend it in the other studio where people carve wood, dip copper into acid and mix ink- the Print studio. I am an avid lover of the wood block print. I might dare say, it's my "hobby".

If you ever have the opportunity to dabble in more than one field of art making.. I highly recommend it. I'm hooked for life on printing. It's a different environment completely and a different mode of thought. It's like what I imagine the luxury of owning two cars would be like. You obviously enjoy one more then the other, but use the less liked one now and then because... for some reason, you just can't get rid of it- it just feels right. And maybe the two reinforce eachother. I think that's what's happening with me and printing. Clay and paper are so obviously connected. The ideas I have for my prints can be used with my pots...and sometimes the imagery I use on my pots filter into the prints. To me, my pots, are the whackiest round surfaces to decorate. Paper is beautiful. Clay is beautiful. There are as many different types of paper as there are clays.

Along with my pots, I'll show you my prints too, beacuse, like Tony said... "it is about you". My prints, like my pots, are about me.

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  1. Have a look at Hans Coper's work- no, not the pots everyone knows about, but the prints he made using a block of plastic clay to draw in and print off.