Monday, March 22, 2010

Back at it

Spring break is finally over and it's time to hit the studios again. Coming back from a break can be difficult sometimes. Mostly I find it hard to get rolling again because the momentum isn't there. This time I'm tricking myself. I'll explain.

When working... on any sort of job, there are so many hours of mundane work... There are times that you just sit back and wonder... What the hell? Did I even do anything today? I like to save parts of a job that are easy and when completed, it looks like a whole hell of a lot has been accomplished. I did that today.

Before I left and headed back home to Oregon last week, I spent time carving up some new woodblocks. I carved 6 new faces and left the blocks as a present for me to print today.

Man that felt good. I even had time to throw some new dinner plates and larger platters.

Here are the blocks and a bit of the process.

Tomorrow I'll go through the blocks and do more carving where needed, pull more proofs and eventually, hopefully by Thursday or Friday, have 10 finished prints for each block.

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