Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sunshine Cobb



I have a very special friend in my life named Sunshine. 

Sunshine and California go hand in hand eh?  California has everything: snow, rain, earthquakes, glaciers (?), mountains, desserts, urban warfare....   the common, most important thing here is that California lives off of Sunshine.  If there wasn't any Sunshine, we would certainly collapse; our large economy, we would fall apart.  Thank god for Sunshine.

She has opened a studio and gallery in Sacramento, California.  She is asking for financial support.  Please click the following link.


I have a friend.  Her name is Sunshine.  She is beautiful.  What she does is give.  She gives without thought.  I miss her. Sunshine has given so much to everybody.  Now Sunshine is asking for a little help.

She makes incredible pots!

It's difficult to write just how special Sunshine is, because it's not only me that she's given to.  She's given to many that I love and those I've never come near.  She is apart of us all.


Sunshine is you and me.  She's given us so much.  Now it's time to give back. 


Please give.  We'll get so much more in return.

Sunshine is opening a killer studio/gallery in Sacramento, California.  She is the shit!  West coast clay all the way... thank you, Sunshine!!!



Click the link and give anything to help one of the most important, contemporary, western ceramic artists of our time to help build her dream.  This is how it's done now.  Please be apart of it.  Be apart of ceramic history.


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