Tuesday, September 22, 2015

a sketch pad for your pocket

We've all heard it over and over again, haven't we?  use your sketch book!  sketch your ideas, write down thoughts and take notes!  Man those reasons were super important to me back when I was in school...back when those creative juices were really flowing!   I always had a sketch book with me.  Filled them up one after another.  A visual journal indeed I say.

But now that I'm such a grown up with so many "things" to do that isn't making pots... ( hey i can binge watch the hell out of just about any television show if I'm feeling into it. don't tell me watching a group of people escape from zombies again and again isn't important! or that it's ok in a show to say frack...).  now i find myself hardly ever using a sketch book.  what happened?

I don't think it's because I don't like to draw or doodle anymore... I do. I really do.  It's not that I just have great ideas and rely on my terrible short term memory for future projects?  Nah... that's not it either.  

I figured it out the other day.  Normal sketch books are too big!  They require a backpack or purse or something to carry around.... so screw it.  I know I'm going to the museum today but hell, i can't lug that thing around...  oh well...I guess I'll use my phone and take a picture of it.  blehhhh

A few days ago I was in an art store browsing...  and I found myself in the sketch book section...I'm a big fan of paper.  There were all kinds of books to draw in...all types of paper to draw on...incredible.  I noticed on the top there was a section of tiny sketch books.  I had a flash back.  When I traveled to other countries in the past....I always had a little sketch book with me, one that would fit into my back pocket.  Damn I really loved those things...  I was given about 10 of those little books at one point..and over time I eventually used them all up.  But I never replaced them.  The pocket sketch book phase had faded....    

Now it's back.  I highly recommend it to you.  Buy a small book, stick a pen in your front pocket (remember to take it out before you put it through the wash)..  and bam, you have access to..a bunch of paper for notes, ideas or whatever.  at most it feels like a large wallet.  exchanging that feeling for this little book will be worth it.  

I think this was about $2.50.  

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