Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Icheon Master Hand: Lee Hyuang Gu

I saw this video on the AMOCA studio facebook page and wanted to share it. 

It's now two weeks after working with Mr. Lee and four other Masters from Icheon, South Korea... and I'm still processing what happened.

When they left, they left me with about 25 or so pots to trim..small to large.  Mr. Lee left me his tools that he had had made for the trip so he wouldn't have to travel with his own.  The pots still sit under plastic, getting a mist of water a couple of times a day.  And here I sit, looking at them...  

That's how potters go I guess.  I remember once making a whole load of bowls during school....and there was some party we had to go to.  But I couldn't leave because of the bowls..they were ready.  I told 2 or 3 of my friends waiting that I had to trim them....if they trimmed with me we'd get to the party faster.  so that's what happened.  i let go of them.

I'm not trying to compare myself to Mr. Lee.  What I'm thinking of is that after so many pots made, the action becomes so natural that you can just let it go and say... hey, just finish's really not that important.  what was important was the action of making.  every little bit counts.  I guess I should stop psyching myself out about finishing them.

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