Monday, December 17, 2012

that time has come.

that time has come!  the show is over.... the ceramics at the Center is slowing down... not a whole lot going on so what's a guy like me to do?  get sick I guess.  I got nailed with the worst cold I've had in years I think.  From last Friday morning until the afternoon today I felt like a big blob of goo.  I'm sure I'll be back in action tomorrow morning.  I'm feeling much better tonight.

Most important of all when considering the place you dump your life into for while.... leaving no trace behind.  Like the good hikers unspoken rule..  Pack out whatever you pack in.  Look at my studio and all the junk I have to figure out what to do with. I've collected a number new things since getting here...and to downsize too, since I don't have a car anymore.  A nomadic potters life.  Well, maybe not nomadic... that's more seasonal moving.  Maybe I'm more like a gypsy now...  a one man pottery caravan!  such is the life.  I'm excited to move on.  But when the time comes, I'll shed a few bitter sweet tears for the people and the place that I've learned to call home.


  1. Ahh Bobby you're doing what I've done. It ain't the brightest thinking in the world but you my man are a potter. Hold your head high, keep your back to the wind and watch your top knot. Those of us that have walked the walk salute you! Merry Christmas Kiddo and thanx for saving me on Yellow Mountain. t

    1. hey tc. thanks for the note. ah yes the Yellow Mountain..a story i love to share. don't forget it. but i'd save your skinny canadian legs in any part of the world. merry christmas to you too!