Monday, December 10, 2012

"Carved" goes online

Hey everybody.  I took some pictures and uploaded what's left for sale from my show, Carved.  If you've ever wanted a piece of is a great time to get it!

please click the following link:


  1. Nice looking work!
    If it were more reasonably priced I might buy something, however, as they stand your work is priced as if you are a celebrity.
    For what you are charging, I can get two pieces by a well known potter whose work will appreciate in value.
    A little less ego might be good for you.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Brenda. You bring up an interesting part of a potter's life that I've struggled with since I first thought my pots were good enough to sell. Pricing my pots has always been difficult for me to do. Normally I lean more towards the lower scale but in the last year I've been pricing higher then what a "new" potter on the scene would charge. Yah, you're right- I'm not well known, I'm not a celebrity. It's true that if you buy two cups or whatever from somebody that's been around longer, chances are it will be worth more money later. That's cool. Go ahead. I wont miss your sale because I'm not pricing my work to walk off the shelves. I could care less if Warren MacKenzie still prices his cups at $25 bucks or whatever- that's his philosophy, not mine. I'd rather price my work twice as high and sell half as less. It leaves me with more time to develop work and ideas instead of pumping out cheap mugs over and over and over again. And also, I think that the majority of people in clay price their work incredibly too low. The whole Mingei movement, the Leach influence, that whole philosophy that pots should be cheap... it's so romantic but you know what? I think pots should be expensive. These are special objects. If that's too much ego? I don't know. I'm fine with it. Thanks again for the comment.

    1. Good for you Bobby stick to your guns.