Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sonoma Community Center

Hello readers, it is I, your humble narrator bringing to you the latest news.  My lovely lady and I have moved on from Helena to the fair city of Missoula, Montana, just about 90 miles west of Helena.  Said lovely lady will be starting gradschool this August.  In January I'll be setting up shop at the Clay Studio of Missoula for a 1-2 year residency.  But before I start at the Clay Studio, I've been chosen to be the resident artist at the Sonoma Community Art Center for the next six months.  I just arrived today after a 3 day drive from Montana, mingled with visiting family in Oregon.


After packing the house, cleaning the house, cleaning the new house, moving in, moving back, teaching a kids class, going camping (for once) and..whatever else, like playing games or whatever I'm finally here.  The summer is flying by...

(notice the mirror images)  I'm using my macbook to take pics since I don't have a camera! haha.. I never new it shot photos quite like this...

Here in Sonoma the Ceramics department has been really beefed up with the extraordinary work of Forrest Lesch Middleton.  For the past few years they've offered 2 residents a 6 month gig each year, one at a time.  I'm the 2012 Summer/Winter resident.  The studio I'll using looks totally normal, as  far as clay studios go, and I'll be happy to set up shop tomorrow morning for my first wheel-throwing class.  I wonder how many students I have... It should be tons of fun.  You are now witness to the beginning of my new army.  They will learn to make pots and soon, we will take over the world.

It's a super cool place.... in fact it's an elementary school built around 1913.  The studio room I'm living in, (which is in the school), must be about...  20 x 10 with 15 foot ceilings.

Just outside my room, there's a crew of 20 or so dudes fixing up the hallway.  It's silly, because they're silly.  I like construction workers and I feel like I know how to connect with them..and already we've had some laughs.  Unfortunetally they start work at 7:00 am.  Ouch.  So I guess I wont need to set my alarm?

There's a Dance studio, Drawing Studio, Print Studio and a stage area where they preform plays and dances.  I've been walking around introducing myself to everybody... there's a show going on tonight and one of the ladies involved got me a free ticket so I get to go see a bit of theatre.  How exciting!  I also spied a music room where the teacher is advertising voice lessons... ahhh..  I wonder if she'd want to trade for some pottery???  Or maybe she could help me with my guitar...

Seems cool so far, eh?  I'll also be glad to connect with some old friends in the Bay Area...because didn't you know?  I went to Community College only 45 minutes away.. years and years ago.   It's shaping up to be a good half a year and I'm stoked to be around so much energy.

Please stay tuned as I'll be updating with new work and adventures....

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  1. hey BFree, come up to Davis Friday for the reception for What Is A Rabbit! Very glad you have arrived - Susannah