Saturday, February 11, 2012

Redlodge. Update

I'm workin on the 11th day of my residency.. only 49 days left and still lots to do. Since my last entry I've been bangin away in the studio. One of my main goals while here was to develop some new forms while continuing to refine some older ones. It's so fun making new forms! It really feels like i'm playing all day.

The kiln that I'm planning to fire.. a nice little cat. The stacking space of this wood/salt kiln is 36x24 and the vertical space is about 70 inches. So..I can sort of relate that to the little cat of ours back home, which is 30x30 (we have some custom cut shelves from kohler) at the floor and about the same vertical.. now that I think about it, the space is almost exactly the same!... huh..funny. Anyhoo, I figure on about 120 pieces and I'm 3/4s of the way there with the plan to fire up before Dan Murphy shows up on the 24th. Can I do it? I hope. I have a short week left before a bisque firing...

Everybody here is super cool and totally accommodating. They don't even expect me to shovel my own walk after it snows! I think for my first residency..I might be getting totally spoiled. Oh well. I love getting spoiled..spoiled-stinky, gooey-gross, slap-happy rotten..


  1. Hey Bobby,
    Looks like a rockin time! Love the scraffito patterns on those bowls! Lookin forward to seein them fired! Hi-5's to Katie and Murph too!

  2. What I wouldn't give to be in your place right now!