Monday, February 13, 2012

"Plasticity", a show from Redlodge

A week ago I took a field trip to Powell, Wyoming. It was for the opening of a ceramic show that the long-term residents and trio of directors had work in. I thought I should share it. The show is called, “Plasticity”.

The space was quaint, but very nice and professionally set up. Not in the least did the show seem crowded with work. Everything was spaced well and worked together nicely. There was quite the range of work too, from firing styles, concepts and scale.

David Hiltner

Jill Futte-Hutton

Markus Urbanik

Katie Coughlin (the piece on the wall, not Andrew)

Andy Moon

Undine Brod (Katie's piece is on the wall in the background)

Andrew Gilliat

The diversity of work being shown reflects the mentality of most Clay Centers, and artist residencies in general. This format follows closely to the Universities that offer degrees of higher learning, such as a Masters. Diversity of ideas and making practices will naturally generate an environment in which the artists can easily exchange new ideas and working processes. Sometimes seeing something from outside the box can spark something new and amazing to whomever is in it. I’ve already learned so much since I’ve been here.

So the show is a reflection of the ceramic artists in Redlodge; a gambit of ideas and ceramic objects. It’s pretty cool to be working so closely to these high-caliber folks. Not to mention, they’re pretty fun to hang with.

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