Sunday, February 19, 2012

Country Boy

Finally loaded my bisque kiln.. it only took 22 days to do it..jeez. Sometimes I think that I should only concentrate on form and do one simple glaze.. that way I'd make so many more pots. But I'm not too worried that making my pots takes a good amount of time.. it doesn't matter if something takes you a long time.

Sometimes I feel like the more time it takes.. the better it will be- not so in all cases..but I'm really curious to see what can happen to my work when I spend more and more time on the sgraffito and layers on layers... That's the direction I want to go.. more time spent on the decoration. Larger pieces that could take days to weeks to finish.

Anyhoo. Today was awesome. Yesterday I learned, to my surprise, that all tributaries to the Yellowstone river are open to anglers all year. I've been here for 22 days and... it was always there ready for me to go to. I just figured, like the west-side, that all small streams were closed this time of year. Ooops!

Thanks, David for setting me straight.

Beautiful... Beautiful..


Once the bisque kiln was loaded and firing.. I grabbed the ole fishing pole and took a hike down to Rock Creek, which is basically a stone's throw away from the studio. What a pretty area and lots of nice little holes here and there to flip my lure into. If these sweet Browns are tasty enough.. I think I just figured out how to save some cash on food while I'm here. Man. Thank god I'm a country boy!

If you're coming for the Dan Murphy workshop... bring your fishin pole!

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  1. you're so right, the work takes the time it takes. amazing spot there! sounds like things are all good xox from Oaktown