Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kiln Dayz

As the weather has finally, really, really taken a turn for Spring in Helena.. It's given good ole Scott time and the excuse to work on a few last details concerning the kiln.... I was nearly speechless when I saw the way he rigged up this old door from a kiln we salvaged from Merrysville more then two years ago.

See those pistons?? Those are actual pistons from an old diesel engine used in this very spot when a few guys used to mine the area. I might have some facts wrong, but the diesel engine was used to haul up big drums of water or ore or whatever from deep within the earth. Scott had to scrap that old paper weight that had been rusting away in the area for the last 60 years (or more)..and thought he should leave part of it behind. What a way to incorporate the history of the area and still be functioning!

Look at these super sweet handles that Scott and his father custom made and attached, not only to the stoke door, but also to our dampers.

And of course, the other side of the shed is built and the iron is finally up. We're ready to rock!

We're planning to load this Saturday and fire on into Sunday. The firing will be quick, not more then 24 hours. It might actually take much less time to reach temperature since the kiln is pretty tiny. We're all excited to see it finally happen.. I'm very glad to say that there'll be more posts coming your way in the next week..of the loading, the firing and the unloading.

It seems right to be firing this weekend too, since Saturday is Scott's birthday. Happy soon to be birthday, Scott!! You've really been the backbone behind this project.

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