Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kiln Complete

It only took... from the time I dismantled those two kilns last year until now... 10 months all together to get to this point today. What a super sweet day. We had a few things to wrap up..like getting the door situated and a few other bricks cut..so we took care of it. Matt was on point the whole day working the brick saw, while Scott and I humped the bricks up and down from the door until it was finally done.

I also spent part of the morning gathering the shelves I'd scrounged..and figured I should stop in at Sarah Jaeger's place to see about a few unwanted shelves my sister had told me about. Sarah was not only excited to give away a bunch of old, warped shelves.... she said I was actually doing her a favor. Ha. I told her I'd water her yard anytime this summer. Turns out that these old shelves were given to her when she first built her gas kiln behind her house..years ago. So the circle continues..and potters help potters alike. Nice to be around people like this.

The plan is to load Saturday afternoon and fire into Sunday... so... here we go! We have a few more things to make and a couple bisque kilns.... other things like wadding, cone packs, kiln wash..that sort of thing..and we're golden brown like crispy pan fried trout. yum. hey I need to get my fishing license already...