Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Hello internet people, whomever you are... if it were at all possible to extend a true hello to you through your whatever electrical device it might be... i would. so Hi there. I read blogs too. It's totally cool...

I'm feeling up for a post about something I saw a long time ago. well, not really that long ago.. it will be 2 years ago next summer. Does that still count as fresh? Maybe...maybe not. Anyways, a little back story on these four pictures. I was in Korea. Or was I in China? Uh..Korea. Yah. ....So I'm with some fellow students walking through an "ancient" korean palace. It was amazing. Very historically correct. It was actually one of the most boring places we went to. and get this- the ancient onggi section was closed off!!! NooOOO!!!! so... and I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get into trouble instead. and I didn't even manage that.

To summarize the story and without going into descriptive details.. these were some shots of a wall and doorway/entry way that I thought needed to be looked at a little bit more closely. it's fun to see compositions within the world huh? And especially if it's so random... and within this case, time orientated too. i love that shit.

it was so out of the ordinary that it really stuck out to me...

and it turns out that the chatter marks are a preparatory step for the door to be re-plastered and painted a solid color ( I asked an officlal guy with a lot of door chipping experience, so you can trust me.... despite popular belief, lots of things are true on the internet). Seems that this step is the same principal behind scoring clay and attaching another clay piece to said scored... thing.


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