Friday, December 31, 2010

back to a source

do you remember a place you used to spend so much time and poured so much energy into.. at some point in your past? a place that meant something to you, somewhere special, a place that will always be, in a home. and now you're in a different place, doing the same thing it your all, making another home. it's about the people and the experiences. it's how you grew and changed. And then one day.. you go back and see it all again. It's like getting a refresher and you can see the things that changed and inspired you. i know that there are going to be many many places like this in my life.. and i'm glad to have them and i'm glad to see them. those places continue, or disappear.. you, and hopefully I.... am still aware of the flow that is and has been what we call life.

Happy Hairy new Year, y'all.

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