Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sale(s)

The big pottery weekend is over here in Helena, Montana. Last Friday night was the opening nights for twelve different Helena Potters all having their sales during the same time. It makes it a pretty busy night if you're a clay enthusiast out here.. Actually it just seems like there's too much happening to go see them all. And if you're out and about...chances are you're only going to hit up your favorites. I'm curious see how everybody here in town continues to evolve together. It's becoming so that it could be for the benefit of us all if we started some sort of co-op and throw a huge pottery sale for three days every December. But I don't know..maybe we all don't need to work together and we should just keep goin the way we've been goin. It's been working for Sarah Jaeger for 20 plus years... Just a thought. When does it become necessary for potters to gather their forces? Is Helena too small of a town where that's not necessary? I don't know.. If you saw the paper last week, advertising the pottery sales.. it was a jumbled mess of the same shtick, "So-and-So is having his pottery sale...." (next paragraph) "Blah blah is having her pottery sale..." . I heard it best... "All the potters are on the same page (in the newspaper)....but not on the same page". Interesting...

But anyways, our sale went great! It was just as good as last year...which is better then worse! It was nice to see so many happy faces enjoying the pots I'm so involved in now. Tara Wilson sold a good amount of work too..and some of the nicest pieces I've seen her make were there. And of favorites didn't sell. What's up with that? That always happens! Scott Walter came too and sold a ton of his beautifully carved wooden spoon and cutting boards. The sale looked great...and it's encouraging to know the community here is willing to support people like us. Thanks a lot!

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  1. Glad to hear the sale went well, now have an eggnog and celebrate. Robin's show is the 10th of Jan.