Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kiln Day- Arch Pull

Holy Moly it seems like forever ago since I've posted on the progress of our kiln. Actually... I don't even want to look and see. Anyways, to make a long blog short, we finally made it back today for another needed and fantastic kiln day. It was slow going but the weather sure was nice. I think it's still in the upper 40s as I type...I guess the midwest sucked all the cold weather that way. ha! thanks! So today was the much anticipated day to pull the arch form. And pull we did. Everything went super smoothly and the catenary arch pulled it's own weight and did what it's designed to do- be self supporting. Nothing shifted and the arch felt very solid...Everything looks awesome..and we even got started on the back side wall and set in the stoke door. Nice huh? It really dawned on me the size of the stacking space once I could stand in it... it's going to be small but real nice for some pots. Scott was very very happy with the arch..and you could say "tickled" how well the form worked. It looks like we're getting a good batch of weather so hopefully we'll be on for another kiln day next Sunday. This week I'll be collecting a few more bricks that have fallen into my lap..and a good thing too because we're out of the nice brick already..and are getting into some very crusty bricks indeed.. so until then. Happy Kiln Day.

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