Monday, October 25, 2010

Kiln Day 7, "Andrew's Day"

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting lower. If you're a potter out there, which I'm sure most of you are, you might have a few deadlines looming over your heads.. you might be busy as hell trying to get the last groups of pots made before your own Christmas Sale... especially now that all those galleries you show at have been stuffed with some nice new work. With that said, where can you find the time to work on things like a wood kiln?? In my case, I can't. I had to say "tough doo-doo" to myself and sit at the wheel instead of laying brick. I'm glad I roll with such an awesome crew that really wants to see this kiln done regardless if I'm not there. It's not really a big deal.. these folks are pretty smart. So who took the reigns and got things organized and moving forward?? Andrew Chanania. That's his website..give it a click to see his pots. I've mentioned Andrew before in some previous posts, and he's made quite a few appearances on some of the video, but I never did talk about him. Andrew is a bad ass soccer player. He also makes some damn fine pots too. Not only that... but he's an avid IPA drinker at the local brew house down the street. If there's a number of ways to tell if a guy is alright... just notice what kind of beer he drinks. Other then that Andrew was educated at one of, if not the top school teaching clay (i'm glad he makes pots and not clouds.. yah you know what I'm talkin about!) and then spent a couple of years working with Chris Gustin, who is himself an awesome soccer player- nah just kidding. I don't know if Chris plays soccer..but Chris is a damn good artist and a great mentor. To say the least we're lucky to have Andrew around for sure. Here's what the team accomplished... They layed a few more courses of brick, put down the cement board over the cinder blocks and got the firebox up to the level of the stoking door. yes! Thanks for keeping the ball moving up the field guys.


  1. Building a kiln is a whole lot of fun!

  2. you said it, john. it really is fun...