Monday, October 18, 2010

Kiln Day 6, "The Grates, Blocks and Hole"

We finally made it back up to the kiln site yesterday for the much anticipated Kiln Day 6. What a gorgeous day. Can you believe that the temperature was warm enough to take off the sweatshirt? We’re not going to get many Sunday’s like this anymore…the weather is quickly becoming colder and the possibility of snow looms on us as the days get shorter.

With the added bonus of the sunshine we arrived at the kiln close to 10 am. It had been so long since we all had been up there that it took a bit of time to figure out what the next steps had to be.

We stopped in to see Scott since none of us told him we were planning to work that day. Inside the log house we had a little chat with Scott’s dad who was cozy by the wood stove with his feet up and a cup of coffee in his hands. It was tempting to stay.. but we needed to work on our own wood stove. We gotta get this thing done… Can somebody give me a full week? That’s all I need. There’s just too much stuff happening to really commit the time the kiln needs to get finished by the end of this moth. I think we’re still on schedule to finish up by our prediction of the end of November.

The highlights for this Kiln Day was cutting the bricks for the Grate Bars, which Matt was extremely skilled at, Crista nailed out the cinder blocks perfectly and Scott and Matt started to lay out the site for our soon to be installed outhouse. We’ll be firing in style for sure with a covered place to do our business. No more digging holes for us. We’re livin it up fancy style!

Special thanks and appreciation go out to little Clayton for doing some of the initial wood prep for our first firing!

If I can I’ll post a new video later this week. My sister and I are firing a salt kiln Tuesday and I have some new forms I’m feelin good about.

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