Monday, September 13, 2010

Kiln Day 1 "The Form"

God's Day has been officially designated "Kiln Day" for my crew and I. We all work our butts off during the week and can only seem to find the time to play on the weekends....which is so normal for us crazy Americans. Digging holes, pushing dirt, hauling bricks, building a wooden form for our kiln pad...some would consider working, but not when you love what it is. I'm stoked for this little kiln!! Now that we have the form built and ready to go, later this week we'll get a load of gravel, sand, and portland cement up there so we can mix and pour during "Kiln Day 2" this weekend. The pad is so little- look how cute it is! haha...and if you look close, we've tied in four boxes at each corner for the shed that's going to be built after the pad sets up. The kiln is being built near an old mining operation from the early 40s, which is all that junk and sagging walls behind it. It's a really cool area, which deserves it's own post for sure. I took another shot of the brick pile... that's a lot of brick!!!

My Crew:
Matt Wilson - Carpenter, Ceramic Artist, Civil Engineer specializing in Concrete
Scott Walter - Carpenter, Sculptor, Lumber Mill operator, quietly/moderately gregarious
Crista Ames - Sculptor, Cook, Strong, Norwegian
Emily Free Wilson - Ceramic Artist, Official watcher of Clayton, Top snack maker
Clayton Wilson - Best helper ever.

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