Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hans Coper

I'm giving a presentation on Hans this Tuesday and thought I'd share some pics of his work. I slaved over a scanner for about 4 hours today... I still need to get together the info on him, but I thought I'd let the work speak for itself. Enjoy.


  1. Freedom Fighter; the trick with Hanzzie's work is to make things small that look HUGE. I near fainted when I saw a vase in real life- it was not 10 inches tall. I thought they were 2 or 3 feet sculptural vessels. Best, Tc

  2. Hi the picture of the tiles by Hans Coper looks like some tiles I have and just wonder if you know anything about it. They have Hc on the back of them.

    1. brendan,

      i don't know much about them...but i do know these were designed as type of "sound" piece. If I remember correctly he was commissioned to create this at a school or something. I can't remember! Search out some of the books made about him and his work and you'll come by it. Hc on the back of them sounds promising... if you figure it out I'd love to know what you find!