Sunday, April 13, 2014

AMOCA. And...some thoughts

The first time I mentioned AMOCA (American Museum of Ceramic Art) I was visiting my friend from college, Heidi and dropping off (or I think I said dumping off- thanks Tony!) work to be sold there.  I was taking some time off and visiting my girlfriend.

Now I live here.  Now I work at AMOCA.  I've nestled into my new life.  I've dealt with the changes and adjustments.  It's been almost a year since I moved and things are good.  I love my home, my girlfriend, my dog and my job.

It's so busy.  It's much different then how I was living a few years ago.  For starters I'm not sleeping on Perry's couch anymore.  Not that it was bad.  It was awesome.  Things just feel more comfortable now.  Or for instance.. when I get up to go to work...walk to the train..ride the train... then catch a bus.... commute for about an hour....then open up one of the nicest studios I've seen... sometimes I think about Helena, Missoula, Sonoma and Redlodge... thinking about those experiences living as a full time artist.  All my friends and family.. I guess it's just remembering those times as really great times.  And now I'm living another great time.

I'm busy.  I'm busy in a new way.  Before I'd be busting my ass to have work ready for a show.  Or busting my ass to have enough work for a firing or some kind of deadline. Now I'm busting my ass for a community of really wonderful people.  I've committed myself to making this place the best I can make it... and lordy am I learning so much.  I'm learning how to work with people, with co-workers, bosses... bosses bosses, board members..all that.  It's a whole new ball game but the subject and core of the game has never changed for me since I was in highschool: clay.  That love, that commitment from such an early age... it's incredibly empowering.  The studio, the pots... all pots.. all clay... It's just what I do.