Saturday, March 2, 2013

Return to Redlodge

I just got back from Redlodge.  You know... that awesome little town just north of the northern entrance to Yellowstone.  Man.  Redlodge and the Redlodge Clay Center is so incredible.  I hadn't been back for just about a year since I finished my first artist residency.  Remember that?  I worked along side Courtney Murphy and fired up the Cat before left.

  I felt like I came home.  I came home to welcoming arms and big smiles.  I don't laugh, smile or joke more than when I'm in Redlodge.  It's constant...  the constant kind that makes your cheek muscles ache.  Thanks, Redlodge.

 Perry and I drove out, heeding the beckoning call of a Train firing with a good group of folks.

 It was a good firing.  There were some interesting pots and they're quickly growing on me.  Actually I've only unwrapped a few...but am looking forward to inspecting the rest and photographing them soon.

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  1. Looking forward to being there in April and wishing I could have been firing the train........