Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Missoula, Mt

 I've finally landed back in Montana after a super crazy, surreal, half a year experience in California. So much has happened since the day I took off for Sonoma.  And now I'm back.  Back to my old life...well sort of like my old life.  big changes...but lots of old friends are here.  There's snow.  It's cold.  I'm broke!  I was so spoiled in Sonoma.  Wow... but I'm glad to be back and making work again.  I bought a load of dry materials to mix up.... three variations of Shaner's Helmer body..and already have a good amount of pots rolling for the wood kilns.  The Clay Studio of Missoula is great so far and I'm looking forward to introducing you to it's residents and community.

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