Friday, November 30, 2012

the last Jar

Here it is..the last jar.  I finally finished everything I want for my show next week.  in 4 or 5 days I'll have it all up and ready to go.

Now that it's getting close to the end.. everybody is talking about the End.  Inevitable, I know.  But to hear think it.. oh i feel so sad I'll have to leave.  I know I'm just bisque firing this guy....still another firing to go..  yet it's here, the end is here!!!!  but what a roller coaster of a ride, eh?  And you only 6th of what was really going on!!!  Jesus... if only you knew... but all that shit we always go through is what makes life so much fun to live right? 

My dad had some good advice for me a few days back.. he simply said, 

"Stay focused"

 Anyways..  here it is.  the last jar.  This weekend I'll set the show up..and the friends and family arrive in mid week a few days before the opening.  I'm so excited to be at this point.  

I'm going to the bar to spend too much money on a few well earned drinks.

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